Slot machines have undergone a lot of development ever since it was first introduced as a gambling game. From its humble beginnings as a classic machine into a portable gambling game that you can access online at สล็อต

Nowadays, slots have dominated the betting market and have produced millions of fans all over the globe. In this article, we will discuss the process of how the slots were integrated into the world of computer games.

The rise of video slots

Slot machines were invented in the 19th century by an electrical engineer called Charles Fey, who resides in California. Back then, electricity was still a new form of power source. The slots that were invented at that time were built with mechanical elements such as reels and levers. 

For a long time, slots were made of mechanical parts until everything became digital and a screen replaced the mechanical reels to indicate the spinning action. These machines became video slots because the spinning action is happening digitally on the screen like a video. Some machines still use a mechanical lever but add buttons for other functions.

Transition to online slots

The transition from physical slots to online slots did not happen until the invention of the internet in the late 90s. At this point in the history of slots, several online casinos like XO Slot also emerged with the aim to translate all of the land-based gambling games into their online versions.

The earlier versions of virtual slots bear the same quality as classic video games using low-bit technology. A lot of slots from this era also have a simplistic style with most of them emulating the gameplay in classic fruit slot machines. Furthermore, the improvement of online slot games did not happen until the turn of the century.

Improvements in online slots

In the beginning of the early 2000s, a lot of online casinos could be accessed on the internet on desktop devices. Players can play slots using their personal computer at home. While slot games at land-based casinos are still popular, it slowly becomes less popular as online slots continue to dominate the online betting industry.

Nowadays, slot games are very far from its early iterations in Las Vegas casinos. Game developers also included bonus mini-games within the game to allow players to maximize their gaming experience. They also added several bonus features such as high-paying symbols, multipliers, cascading features, and free spins.

Slots in the future

As of now, slot games are very similar to computer games in a way that they can both be played on desktop and portable devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Gambling technology experts also said that the future of slot gaming is in the power of mobile phone technology. Slot games as applications also add a layer of convenience to slot gaming.

Today, game developers are exploring the nature of technologies available right now such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and blockchain. These technologies have a lot of potential applications to the game of slots and other forms of gambling.

The world of computer games is already incorporating some of these technologies to their products. It is clear that the future of slot gaming is bright as long as game developers keep track of the trend in technology.