In today’s digital age, we enjoy unprecedented access to information and entertainment. But this connectivity has a price.

To date, no company connected in one way or across the Internet is immune to computer attacks. Anyone who can become his victim without exceptions: from a simple account on the facebook to a large international company. It is clear, that in the second case up for grabs there is much more. For hackers, it is a matter of potential gain.

The most affected sectors, relying on the clustit 2021 report, are the field of science and technology, information and multimedia, transport sector, the energy sector, the government. The entertainment sector is no exception.

Computer crime and the purpose of hackers

In fact, what is generally called hacker attack is nothing but a cracker attack (an action aimed at checking a remote computer system). They are illegal actions, which are performed by people who use information and telecommunications technologies, computer and computer networks for criminal purposes.

Recently, online games have become very popular. And this niche is a tasty bite for hackers. Especially those casino sites which do not pay much attention to the safety of their subscribers. There are many people on the Internet who have knowledge and desire to test the strength of an online casino and get access to confidential data or extort money to the company. Here is why you have to pay great attention in choosing an online game platform. Only safe and legal casinos in Italy such as bwin casino can ensure that your personal data and your bank accounts will not be used in illegal fraud. 

Hacking and cheating in terrestrial casinos

The history of hacking and cheating attempts in traditional casinos is much older than that of hacking as a type of criminal activity. Many cases are known in which the hackers of the time have violated the safety systems of the operation of slot machines. For such a “professional” there were many ways, sometimes quite ingenuous, sometimes more complex, who required some skill and cunning. Therefore, the most famous ways to fool the sensors of the gambling slots were counterfeiting or cutting of coins, as well as the use of a bright stick last allowed to lock the slot machine light sensors so that when one Any winning combination appeared on the slot screen, the coins started to rain without stopping. With the current level of security in ground gaming establishments, such fraudulent tricks have long fallen into oblivion.

Parallel to the removal of counterfeit slot machines from the scene, online gambling sites have become increasingly popular. The movement of attention, or transfer of online gambling sites, announced a new chapter that allowed a completely different perspective on casinos fraud.

 Why an online casino attract hackers?

 The fact is that an online casino is unthinkable without the possibility to replenish a deposit or withdraw winnings through bank cards or electronic portfolios. At the time of registration and authentication on the sites to get better welcome bonus, the user shares the information necessary for gambling organizers.

In recent years, few scammers choose global online casinos brands for hacking. These companies have a huge budget spent on the supply and purchase of the necessary software. Therefore, medium-level online platforms are often targeted. In these cases the monetary transaction system is often violated, the personal information of users are stolen and investor data end up a public hosting file service.

The main types of computer crime are:

  • Distribution of malware and viruses,
  • Password violation,
  • Theft of credit card numbers and other bank details,
  • Dissemination of illegal information (slander, pornographic material) via the Internet,
  • Crimes connected to the violation of copyright and related rights.