Football is a popular sport game in  the world. Almost every country has its local leagues, which allow players to showcase their talent and bring joy to the fans who love to watch the game.

The thrill of football has never waned, whether it’s in local or national competitions or international. It is now one of the biggest plays for betting. These small or large bets, such as the Singapore pools odds add to the enjoyment that any football fan can have now and again.

The “goalscorer” market is football betting where bettors can predict who will win the tiebreaker, equalizer, or opener.

What is the goalscorer market?

Bettors will need to place a wager on the name of a player who will score a goal in a given moment. There are 20 players on this pitch. This type of football betting offers high odds of winning because bettors are only required to concentrate on the attacking side of the game, which reduces their chances of picking who will score first.

But betting on famous players with strong scoring histories can be dangerous as these players are often heavily defended during matches.

Rules for the goalscorer

Few conditions are being applied to this bet:

  • Bettors will lose his bets if a goalless draw happens.
  • Amount will be back to betters who placed a wager on a player that didn’t enter in the game.
  • If a player comes as a substitute, then, all the bets on that player will stand as that moment.
  • Own goals not count in the game.
  • Some sportsbooks not add the extra time and they might have a different market.

Three goalscorers are available to bettors: the first goalscorer (or last), and the anytime goalscorer (or both). The match’s opener goal will be scored by the player named the first goalscorer. The player who scores the final goal is the second goalscorer. An anytime goalscorer is anyone who scores a goal during the regular 90-minute football match.

The goalscorer markets is a simple type of wager in Singapore pools football fixtures but, it’s best to get to know each team and player to make accurate predictions.

To know more about the goalscorrer market in Singapore pools betting, you can read this infographic from CM2Bet.