There have always been gamblers who have used imaginative, ingenious, and sometimes just weird strategies to get an advantage since the first casino opened. Whether it’s an online casino Singapore game like blackjack, slots, or something else entirely, some gamers simply cannot accept the natural house advantage.


Dennis Nikrasch was a quiet man when it came to mastermind hackers. He stunned the world with his skills in manipulating real money slots, despite having a more blue-collar aesthetic than a computer and online casino genius.

He learned that the computer chips used to regulate slot machines could be purchased and purchased some of his own. He then discovered how to alter those specific chips in such a way that they would always result in a win.

He couldn’t get into the casino’s machines since he didn’t have the key, but he was able to get one through black market means. After that, he gathered a group of people to form a human blocker to protect him from surveillance cameras. It would just take him a minute or two to open the machine, replace the chip, and begin playing.

Using cameras

It’s been said that playing cards aren’t much fun if you can see the other player’s cards. That may be true if you’re just having a good time. However, when large sums of money are involved, things take a turn for the worse. This cheating method existed even before online games were a thing.

When playing baccarat, it is customary for someone at the table to cut the deck after the dealer has shuffled the cards. To be honest, there isn’t much of a justification for it; that’s simply how things are done. This narrative serves as a cautionary tale of what can happen when players are allowed to touch the dealer’s cards.

The “cutters” group (named after the trick to cut the deck) decided to take advantage of a chance to see which cards will be revealed next. What is their strategy? A small camera is embedded in a player’s cufflink.

The story takes a different turn at the conclusion, with the group escaping the penalty despite the fact that their strategy was discovered by regulators not long after the competition had ended.

Operating a remote

People that cheat at online betting Singapore websites are sometimes simply inattentive and lazy. They might be hyper-motivated and incredibly brilliant at times. This case belongs to the latter group. Three people were involved in the scheme’s execution.

The roulette croupier was the most important of the three (the inside man). His brother-in-law (who was playing the role of the actual gambler) and his sister, who would be playing at the next table down the line, were the other two.

The idea was as follows: the croupier would go about his business as usual, while the brother-in-law placed bets at the table. The croupier would then quietly replace the regular ball with the robot ball. The ball would then be activated by his sister, who was playing at the adjacent table, using a remote hidden in a pack of cigarettes.

The strategy worked well, and the trio won five million Francs in less than a week. Unfortunately, as is typical of these schemes, everything came crumbling down not long after the initial victory.


Richard Marcus believed that the sleight-of-hand technique used by so many card magicians might be adapted to poker chips. He used this concept to a real-money roulette wheel and put on a performance for the audience.

He’d walk up to the table, a little tipsy, and place his chips on the table. He put a $5 chip on top but made sure to disguise the one behind it, which was worth a lot more.

If he lost the hand, he’d return the high-value chip to his stack, undiscovered by the croupier. If he won, he’d make a fuss and disclose that he had far more money on the table than the $5 chips that were visible at the start, unbeknownst to the dealer.