If you are into the business of playing Judi slot online, it’s always advisable to get familiar with the basic terminologies of the trade. Learning the phrases along with their meanings is not only useful to understand the game in a better way, but also it helps you to generate higher pay-outs out of the gambling.

Some common terminologies along with their definitions are as follows:

  • Bet– The bet is the amount of stake a player puts on a spin of the slot game.
  • Free Spins– Free spins are the opportunities that a player earns through a slot bonus or promotional offer. In a free spin, players are supposed to spin and win exciting prizes without investing any money from their end.
  • Jackpot– In a machine, the highest possible reward is known as the jackpot. In most online slot gambles, players can only strike the jackpot only if they choose to play on max bet.
  • Max Bet– The highest amount of credit a player can wager on each spin is called a max bet. Most of the slot games include a max button that can automatically set the stake to maximum if you just press it once. The best part is that most slot games offer jackpots only when the player opts to play at the max bet.
  • Return To Player (RTP)- A percentage of staked money that the machine pays back to the player after successful spins are defined as Return To Player or RTP in short. Usually, RTP is measured after thousands of spins.

Now that you know all the basic and most-used slot game terminologies, you are ready to hit the floor. Just keep in mind, whenever you are investing your money in a spin, do not forget to calculate the risk factors involved in it. Check out Happy Luke India for more.